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19th March 2007

I have started my own and uniquely named blogger.  The Meridian Culmination

02 November 2006

The product I've been working on (DGDK.NET) has now been released, and is now for sale at The Game Creators website :).  This is by far, the most important project I have undertaken.  Thanks to TGC for producing a top quality tool (DGDK), this now provides .NET developers the ability to create top quality games and applications using any of the .NET development tools.  Even SharpDevelop RC2 is supported.  More information is available over at TGC.


2nd October 2006

Adjustment to the site to promote Madasafish, my new host ISP.  If you are looking for a new ISP with top quality speed and even your own domain name, then please take the opportunity by clicking on the ad. above.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Also in the news, I am near completion of the DGDK.NET toolkit, to be sold by The Game Creators Ltd.

28th June 2006

I've posted a version of Asteroids onto the site, lacks sound at the moment, but it was put together over a few days for the purposes of a test that was requested of me.  Very simple to play, but enjoy!!

Download: 3DAsteroids.rar


12th June 2006

New things are on the horizon.  I have been working on a new product that will be sold through The Game Creators website very soon.  The Dark Game SDK.NET.  This new system will provide all the functionality currently available in the Dark Game SDK, but tailored for .NET developers.  Here are just a few tasters of what's to come.



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