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Hi there, first, welcome to my new and improved website.  Hope you enjoy your visit.  My name is Paul Millard, I'm 33 years of age and I'm married to my lovely wife, Tanya.  I've devoted a large portion of my life to the pursuit of computer software development.  I started tinkering with computers from the age of eight, and for those of you who remember the humble ZX81 from Sinclair, it was a damn good start.  After my teens, I began working from home developing software with a company based in Cambridge.  I was employed with them for five years learning about C++, Visual Basic and various aspects of database design, image analysis and manipulation.  I've worked for another company for the past two years learning about SQL server and participating in a large scale two tier database system for a hardware manufacturer.

My passion has always been to create my own games, finding time to do so has been a challenge.  This site is devoted  to that passion and to allow me to distribute my personal developments.  Please feel free to browse and download.


(C) Paul S. J. Millard 2006