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Cylu Logov1.06

Programmed with Dev-C++, MinGW32 and the Allegro game programming library

I'm no longer developing this game any further since my focus has been directed  towards other projects, so this game and source is now freely available for your pleasure.  The ZIP file below contains source and data files ready to be compiled under Dev-C++ and Allegro for Windows.


Welcome to Cylu. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for looking at this game and I hope it gives you hours of enjoyment as it has for me developing it. Set the way back machine to 1985. In the days of the humble Amstrad CPC computer, one of my fav games was Cylu. This game was originally created by Geoff Foley and published by Firebird Software. Luck passed my way when I managed to obtain a map of the original game level scribbled on a piece of paper. This gave me the inspiration to recreate the game with a touch of polish.

.......And here we have it.

The storyCylu Droid

Cylu the Otsan, the chosen one, enters the land of Vole to participate in the final challenge. The aim is simple, the quest is long.  The Otsan require a new leader, so a test has been devised which is presented here. You will require wits, speed, cunning and logic to be worthy as the Otsan leader. To complete the test, deposit all 24 objects into the central computer. This will require a knowledge of the planet and certain areas are only accessible via the teleportation network.

I've attempted to make the game challenging and entertaining so I hope you will enjoy.


Screen shot 1  Screen shot 2  Screen shot 3  Screen shot 4

System Requirements:

            Pentium 200Mhz Compatible PC
            Windows 98/ME/XP/2K & DirectX 7 or Higher
            16MB Physical memory
            5Mb Free HD space
            4MB PCI VGA Video card (Vesa 1.0 +)


(C) Paul S. J. Millard 2006