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Project Portfolio

Welcome to my project portfolio.  Contained on this site are a selection of programs that I have worked on or are working on during my spare time in order to maintain my skills as a software engineer.

The site is split up into three categories based on history and current activity


Project names and a brief description:

Please note, some of these programs require Microsoft DirectX v9.0c -

1.  Projects Completed.

This section contains projects that I have completed and continue to maintain based on their reusability.  Source code has been provided to show you my coding style and my familiarity with C++ and other languages accordingly.

Common - A common set of C++ classes used with other programs

CSMImporter - A map importer (also sold) for importing Cartography Shop map files into DarkBASIC Professional


Cylu-1.0.6 - A 3D isometric video game, my first major attempt at a professional looking product.

Screen shot 1  Screen shot 2  Screen shot 3  Screen shot 4

SmartMem - A set of helper functions I've created in order to help track memory problems in development projects

2.  Projects In Progress.

These are projects that I am actually working on at this time.  There are demonstrations of the programs which you can actually run.  Please note that a majority of the programs require DirectX v9.0c or higher.

- Another plugin for DarkBASIC Professional which encapsulates the full functionality of the ODE physics library.  This is still in development, but a demonstration program is provided.

A video MPG file is also available to show the ODE demo in action, click the above image.

XScape - XScape is the successor to Thrust.  A powerful scripting engine designed specifcally for allowing the MODability of a game concept running under XScape.  This has been developed purely in C/C++ for performance gains and is being developed right now.  Please feel free to download the demo. 


3.  Historical material.

These are projects which I no longer support or work on.  They are there purely for interest and experimentation.

Thrust - This is the predecessor to XScape.  I never completed this system because as development progressed, I began to hit performance issues with the script processor.  The only way to resolve this performance issue was to move the whole system over to C++.  Hence the birth of XScape.  Thrust was more of an experiment to see whether it was possible to write a scripting engine in DarkBASIC Professional native code.  It did work for a while, but as more entity data and object event management was added, it became obvious that further development was futile.

A video MPG file is also available to show Thrust in action, click the above image.

Cylu and CLD - Both of these were my first attempt at writing a game in Visual Studio C++.  Cylu is the game, and CLD is the level editor.


GyroEditor - A customized editor written in Visual Basic and utilizing OpenGL.  I wrote this editor for a new game called Gyro.  It allows importing of .vr model files, customized texture selection and manipulation.  It also featured a script editing system that resembled Visual Basic's code editor.  Selection of game and level events are possible.  Again, this was an attempt at providing scripting for Gyro.


Gyro - The actual game, written with Visual Studio C++ powered by OpenGL.

2_towers - I've also done some level designing for HalfLife Team Fortress Classic.  For Halflife players, feel free to download the BSP file and the optional FoxBot waypoint files.


For further information on these projects, and products I actually sell, please visit my website at


(C) Paul S. J. Millard 2006