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Cartography Shop v4.x CSM map loader plugin v3.2 - for DarkBASIC Professional
Requires DarkBASIC Professional v5.7 and above

Welcome to my Cartography Shop map importer plugin for DarkBASIC Professional.  This will allow you to load Cartography Shop v4.x map files into DarkBASIC Professional, providing many functions to help you manage your map files easily and quickly.



The advantages of this plugin are:

1.    Now allows you to include your maps and textures in the Media list for your DarkBASIC Professional application.

2.    NOW loads maps using a single mesh arrangement that uses a lightmap.  Based on .DBO format.

3.    Supports loading of two or more maps simultaneously.  With support for showing and hiding maps quickly.

4.    All maps can be manipulated using groups and pivot entities for interactive, movable rotating textured geometry.  The plugin provides ALL the functions you need for achieving good looking results.

5.    Comes with documentation which will be updated as new features are added.  Please ensure that you read the documentation before you use the plugin.  Especially if you have not used the plugin before.

6.    Map files now load extremely fast!!  I've recorded maps to load even faster than that of Cartography Shop.  Although this is not a comparative opinion, the reason for this is that the plugin has been fully written in C++.

7.    Map files can be cleared and new ones loaded in real-time, also extremely fast.

8.    Two new functions which will make collision and property setup much more easier


(C) Paul S. J. Millard 2006